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“Our youngest son was attacked by a neighbor's dog. Long story short, we contacted Slater and Zurz LLP and they were absolutely wonderful. They were very friendly and seemed genuinely empathetic to our son's situation. They were also able to more than double the amount that the insurance wanted to pay for our son's pain and suffering. Thank you so much!"
- Theresa Kelley

Dog Bites in Ohio Catch You by Surprise

Dog attacks can turn your life upside down. We know you have questions and need answers. You are injured and in pain. You are not sure what to do next. There is a dangerous dog out there that needs to be controlled so it does not attack again. Call us, we can help. At any given time we are helping over 60 dog bite victims just like you.

We are an Ohio law firm that handles dog bite cases throughout the State. CALL US ANYTIME. You will speak directly to one of our Ohio dog bite attorneys. We will answer your questions and provide you with step by step answers on what to do. This is FREE.

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Fight Back with Powerful Weapons

The law is your weapon. Ohio laws along with your local laws and dog ordinances. These laws allow you to recover compensation for your dog bite injuries. They also dictate what happens to the dog.

In Ohio, the owner, harborer or keeper of a dog is strictly liable for the medical bills and personal injuries thier dog caused. That means you don't have to prove the dog's owner, harborer or keeper was negligent. For example, you don't need to prove the dog's owner left his or her back door open. Because of this, the dog got outside and attacked you.

Just because the law allows you to recover compensation for your dog bite injuries doesn't mean it's going to be easy. It can be very difficult to get treated fairly.

When you submit a dog bite claim for your injuries and expenses, it's filed with the insurance company that issued a homeowner's insurance policy to the dog's owner, harborer or keeper.

You simply need to show the dog attacked you and you were injured. That entitles you to recover compensation for things like:

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  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Permanent Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Lost Wages and Income
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Loss of Future Earning Capacity
  • Loss of Quality of Life

These big insurance companies employ an army of professionals to make sure you receive as little as possible. Pain and suffering is usually the most significant part of a dog bite claim. Their is a dollar amount that is assigned to the pain and suffering you endured from the dog attack. The amount insurance companies want to pay for pain and suffering will not likely be what it's really worth.

A client came to us asking if the $25,000 an insurance company offered to settle the claim they filed for their son's dog bite injuries was fair. We reviewed the case and determined it was not. They hired us and we recovered $159,000 from the insurance company for our client. An increase of $134,000! This is why it's important to have an experienced dog bite attorney on your side. It makes a big difference.

When you hire us to represent you, it's our job to make sure you are treated fairly by the insurance company. When we are behind you, they won't try to push you around. We are another one of your weapons.

Protect Your Community from a Dangerous Dog

Worrying about the dog that attacked you is weighing on your mind. You don't want a dangerous dog roaming neighborhoods attacking others.

When you call us for a free consultation, we will tell you what local authorities need to be contacted. We will also cover all the state and local laws that deal with vicious and dangerous dogs.

If you hire us to represent you, we will make sure these laws are enforced. Like you, we don't want the dog hurting anyone else.

Injuries From a Dog Knocking You Down

A dog doesn't have to bite you. A dog that jumps on you and knocks you down can also cause serious injuries. Your fall could result in broken bones, deep cuts, a concussion or other types of injuries.

If a dog knocked you down but didn't bite, it's still a dog attack. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss what happened.

We Get Results In and Out of Court

At the Ohio Dog Bite law firm of Slater & Zurz LLP, we've been helping victims of dog bites for over 40 years.

The focus at our firm is assisting people who have suffered from all types of injuries that should not have happened. We've handled over 30,000 personal injury cases and have helped our clients receive over $150 Million.

Recently, we helped two clients who were victims of dog bites in Ohio receive settlements of $250,000 and $230,000. To view more of our dog bite case results, please click on the following link: Slater & Zurz LLP Dog Bite Case Results.

Put our vast experience and respected reputation to work for you. Please call us at 1-888-534-4850 for a free consultation or send us a message here from our website.

With all our dog bite cases, there are NO upfront fees and costs. We only get paid when we get you results. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.