Quarantining Dogs That Bite

In Ohio, whenever a dog bites someone, a report must be made within twenty-four hours to the health commissioner of the district in which the bite occurred.  The report should be made by any doctor or veterinarian with knowledge of the bite, or by the person bitten.  Once a report is made, the health commissioner will issue an order that the dog be quarantined. Quarantine Information Quarantine … [Read more...]

Specific Ohio Dog Bite Laws Relating to Pit Bulls and Vicious Dogs

Although any dog can bite, pit bulls seem to represent a disproportionate number of recorded dog bites in Ohio.  Because of this, pit bulls have been classified under Ohio law as “vicious.”  As such, pit bull owners must adhere to a specific set of rules concerning their dogs: When on the owner’s property, pit bulls must be securely confined at all times either in a locked pen with an … [Read more...]

Learn About Ohio Dog Bite Law and Dangerous Dogs Statutes

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog that belongs to someone else in the State of Ohio, you will probably be entitled to compensation for your injuries. In Ohio, the owner of a dog has strict liability for the control of that animal. This means that, unless the dog was being teased or a crime was being committed, the owner or keeper of a dog will be responsible for any injury, death, … [Read more...]

Overview of a Dog Bite Legal Claim in Ohio

For millions of Americans, dogs are loving and gentle companions.  Unfortunately, not all dogs are loving and gentle.  And no dog is loving and gentle all the time.  Any dog can bite if provoked, and some dogs will bite even if not provoked.  A dog bite can be a devastating and traumatic event.  Dog bite victims not only suffer physical injury, but can suffer psychological injury as well.  In … [Read more...]

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