Current Definitions of Vicious, Dangerous and Nuisance Dogs in Ohio

Reports of serious dog attacks on humans are making news in Ohio and getting response from residents, some who are turning to their local government for help. There are 70 to 80 million dogs in the U.S. and more than 4.5 million dog bites each year with about 885,000 of those bite victims requiring medical attention, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The Ohio … [Read more...]

Canine Communication – What’s Your Dog Trying To Tell You?

Dogs experience the world very differently than we do. We see things first and then listen to process our surroundings. If we want to interact we then use speech to communicate.  Dogs on the other hand use scent as their main way of interpreting their environment. To communicate, they use mainly body language and some vocals. In an article on Canine Communication by Animal Medical Center of … [Read more...]

Canine Behavior, Intelligence, and Emotions

For years researchers and scientists have studied animal behaviors and there have been many discoveries by observing what animals do. For a long time, it was never acknowledged that animals could have feelings. Although there were some that were convinced that animals could suffer and therefore have some kind of feelings, even if it wasn’t the same experience as ours. Animal welfare groups … [Read more...]

Ohio Victims of Dog Bites Don’t Always Report Their Dog Attack Incident

Dog bites occur every 75 seconds each day in the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This means one in 50 Americans has a chance of being bitten every day and that 1,000 citizens will seek emergency medical care for their injuries. One out of five of these 4.5 million bites will become infected and some will turn deadly for various reasons. Dog bites … [Read more...]

Infections from Dog Bite Wounds

You have been bit by a dog, now what? You may need to go to the hospital depending on the seriousness of the bite. It can range from a simple scratch to life-threatening injuries. After a dog bite, you should immediately contact your family doctor or visiting the hospital emergency room. On top of making sure you are medically stable, doctors have to figure out how to best treat the wounds not … [Read more...]

Akron Beacon Journal Story Features Our Kids Dog Bite Prevention Program

The Akron Beacon Journal featured our Kids Dog Bite Prevention Program in it's Sunday, October 30, 2016 edition. The article was written by Beacon Journal staff writer Stephanie Warsmith and explains how and why we created our dog bite prevention program during the summer of 2015. The article also tells the real-life story of one of our clients who was bitten by a friend's dog one day while … [Read more...]

Choosing The Right Restraints for Your Dog

A couple of the most essential items you need when you have a dog is a collar and leash. Not only is a collar used for restraining your dog, it is also something to affix your dog’s identification, license and other types of tags. Restraints also help prevent your dog from running off after something and getting lost or worse yet, running into a busy street and getting hit by a car. While … [Read more...]

Controversy Over Pit Bull Ban

A ban on new ownership of pit bull or pit bull-type dogs went into effect on Monday, Oct. 3 in Montreal, Canada. Those in the city of four million people who already own the banned dogs are required to obtain a special permit by Dec. 31 in order to keep their pet. Pit bulls would also have to be muzzled when in public. There has been strong opposition to this and other changes to the city’s … [Read more...]

What You Should Know About Rabies

Pet owners know their companions get a rabies vaccination at the vet, but how much do you really know about the disease? Rabies is a viral disease of mammals that infects the central nervous system. It travels directly to the brain and causes death. While deadly, rabies is a preventable disease. In the United States it is rare for humans to contract rabies, only about 3 or 4 cases a year. But … [Read more...]

The Problems Posed By Stray Dogs and How To Avoid Them

Attacks by stray dogs are usually more of a Third World dilemma, but such attacks are not unheard of in the United States. A 52-year-old South Dallas, Texas woman was mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs in May of this year and suffered more than 100 bites to her body. The Dallas Morning News reported that the city had been contacted at least 11 times over a three-year period about dogs … [Read more...]

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