The History of the Service Dog

The relationship between humans and dogs has remained strong throughout the ages. While there is no concrete evidence to show when, where, or how the first canine (possibly a wolf) managed to overcome its fear of humans and accept them as companions or friends, it probably happened during the phase when human beings were primarily hunters and food gatherers which was long before the Cleveland … [Read more...]

Choosing The Right Restraints for Your Dog

A couple of the most essential items you need when you have a dog is a collar and leash. Not only is a collar used for restraining your dog, it is also something to affix your dog’s identification, license and other types of tags. Restraints also help prevent your dog from running off after something and getting lost or worse yet, running into a busy street and getting hit by a car. While … [Read more...]

Ohio Good Samaritan Legislation Aims to Help Animals Stranded in Hot Cars

Ohio has been added to the list of states where animals no longer have to suffer (and sometimes die) waiting for their owners to return to the car on a sweltering hot day. Senate Bill 215 was signed into law May 31 which allows a passerby to force their way into a locked vehicle to save a minor child or pet. The Good Samaritan legislation, which takes effect August 29, means the vehicle’s owner is … [Read more...]

Ohio Cities Helping Prevent Animal Cruelty in Severe Weather

Earlier this month the Lancaster, Ohio community approved an ordinance to toughen laws so that animals left outside in the cold have proper shelter and reliable access to sufficient food and water. Many of these animals risk hypothermia, frostbite and even freezing to death in near-zero and subzero temperatures. One councilwoman commented she received a call about a pet owner who tied a tarp … [Read more...]

What Ohio Law Says About Protecting Yourself from an Attacking Dog

Under certain circumstances, a dog may be lawfully killed in Ohio in order to protect a person or animal.  Under Ohio law, a dog may be killed if it does any of the following: (1) Chases a person. (2) Approaches a person in a menacing fashion. (3) Bites or attempts to bite a person. (4) Injures or kills a person. A dog may also be killed if it chases, threatens, harasses, injures, … [Read more...]

Police Dog Exemption from Ohio Dog Bite Laws

In Ohio, dogs that bite or attempt to bite a person are classified into one of three categories, a nuisance dog, dangerous dog, or vicious dog.  Police dogs, however, are exempt from these classifications in certain instances.  A police dog is defined as a dog that has been trained, and may be used, to assist law enforcement officers in the performance of their official duties. Generally, a … [Read more...]

Ohio’s Revised Dog Statute

Ohio’s revised dog statute took effect on May 22, 2012.  The statue defines what is a “vicious,” “dangerous,” and “nuisance,” dog.  It also sets out the requirements for owners of dangerous and vicious dogs.  Under the new law, a “vicious” dog is any dog that, without provocation, kills or seriously injures a person.  The vicious dog definition does not include police dogs that have killed or … [Read more...]

Pit Bulls No Longer Deemed Vicious Dog Breed in Ohio

Ohio Redefines Vicious Dog On Tuesday, May 22, 2012, House Bill 14 took effect in Ohio.  Under this new law, pit bulls as a breed will be removed from the definition of a vicious dog in Ohio.  The new law defines a "vicious dog" as a dog that kills or seriously injures someone without regard to breed. Previously, pit bulls were classified as vicious because the breed represents a … [Read more...]

Duties of Ohio Dog Wardens

Under Ohio law, dog wardens must perform various duties relative to their position.  Many of these obligations are meant to insure community safety from stray or dangerous dogs.  One of the most effective measures one can take to prevent a dog bite is to enlist the help of the county dog warden. Dog wardens keep communities safe in many ways.  First, dog wardens must patrol their respective … [Read more...]

Stricter Rules for Ohio Dog Breeders

Lawmakers in Ohio are considering a bill that will place stricter regulations on Ohio dog breeders. The new law would create a Commercial Dog Kennel Control Authority under the state Department of Agriculture.  The new agency would enforce standards of dog care for major breeders, kennels, and retailers.  Areas of regulation would include cage size, grooming, and veterinary care. The bill has … [Read more...]

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