When a Dog Bites, Fight Back – A Guide to Dog Bites in Ohio

Ohio dog bite bookThis book was written by the dog bite lawyers at Slater and Zurz LLP. It is your all inclusive guide to dog bites in Ohio. It will give you valuable information about Ohio Law and dog bites, as well as what you should do if you’re bitten, and what to avoid.

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Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Dog Bite Facts

Chapter 2: Ohio Dog Bite Laws

Chapter 3: What to Do and Mistakes to Avoid When Bitten by a Dog

Chapter 4: Types of Injuries and Damages in a Dog Bite Claim

Chapter 5: Children and Dog Bites

Chapter 6: Dogs Labeled as Dangerous or Vicious and What That Means

Chapter 7: Landlord’s Liability When a Dog Bite Occurs on Rental Property

Chapter 8: Insurance Company’s Role with Dog Bites

Chapter 9: Common Law Implications with Dog Bites

Chapter 10: Preventing Dog Bites

Chapter 11: Why You Should Talk to an Experienced Dog Bite Attorney

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