Ohio Dog Bite Case Results

Here are examples of the actual results we have helped our clients receive in dog bite cases throughout Ohio:
An 8 year old girl was attacked by her neighbor’s dog while playing in her own yard causing injury to her ocular nerve and scaring her face.
Result: The little girl and her family received $250,000 in a negotiated settlement.

A young boy was viciously attacked by a dog and suffered numerous injuries.
Result: The boy and his family received $230,000 in a settlement. 
In Lake County, Ohio an18-month old girl was playing at a relative’s house during a family picnic. While she was in the living room, one of the family dogs bit her in the face.  She sustained puncture wounds to her right cheek.  When the wounds began to heal, some of the scar tissue tethered to the muscles in her face, causing an imperfection when she smiled.
Result:  The little girl and her family received a settlement of $35,000.
A motorcyclist was attacked by a pit bull while driving down a country road, causing him to lose control of the motorcycle and injuring his leg.
Result: The motorcyclist received $36,000 after a trial.

In Ottawa County, Ohio a woman was visiting a friend. During the visit, the homeowner’s dog bit the woman on the inner-portion of her left ankle. She was hospitalized to avoid cellulitis and concern over infection.
Result: The woman received a settlement of $21,000.

A 5 year old girl was attacked by their neighbor’s Akita while playing in her own yard, which caused deep wounds to her leg that resulted in a permanent scar.
Result: She received $27,000 in a negotiated settlement.

In Hardin County, Ohio a four year old girl was playing in her parent’s backyard when other neighborhood children came to join her. The neighborhood children brought a dog with them, which attacked the young girl and caused injuries to her face.  She sustained a laceration and a scratch on her cheek from the attack, which ultimately left a scar.
Result: The girl and her family received a settlement of $27,500

A woman was walking her dog down the street when her dog was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. When the woman attempted to save her dog, the neighbor’s dog attacked and bit her causing wounds to her calf.
Result: The woman received $50,000 in a negotiated settlement.

In Portage County, Ohio a woman was attacked by a dog while she was at work.  She sustained several puncture wounds, the worst of which were on her left calf. She sought treatment from the emergency room, her family care doctor and a plastic surgeon. Because the attack was so traumatic, she also sought care from a counselor.
Result: The woman received a $21,000 settlement after a lawsuit was filed. 

A woman was attacked by a St. Bernard and suffered injuries to her leg.
Result: A settlement was reached for $48,000.