Duties of Ohio Dog WardensUnder Ohio law, dog wardens must perform various duties relative to their position.  Many of these obligations are meant to insure community safety from stray or dangerous dogs.  One of the most effective measures one can take to prevent a dog bite is to enlist the help of the county dog warden.

Dog wardens keep communities safe in many ways.  First, dog wardens must patrol their respective counties and seize and impound on sight all stray dogs found running freely.  Dog wardens must also seize and impound all dogs more than three months of age found not wearing a valid registration tag.  Keeping stray dogs off the streets reduces the number of potential dog attack victims.

Secondly, dog wardens not only patrol for stray dogs, but they also seize strays that are identified by members of the community.  Members of the community may identify a stray dog by filing an affidavit with the local court.  Once an affidavit is filed, the court must immediately order the dog warden to seize and impound the dog.

Lastly, dog wardens keep communities safe by preventing dog abuse.  Under Ohio law, dog wardens may obtain a court order to enter private property and seize a dog if the dog warden suspects that the dog is being abused by its owner.

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This article was written by Jason M. Sayre, Esq., an experienced Ohio dog bite attorney at the law firm of Slater & Zurz LLP. 

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