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Ohio_Dog_Bite_Book_by_Slater___Zurz_LLPIf you would like to get more information about dog bites in Ohio, request a free copy of our book:

When A Dog Bites Fight Back

What You Need to Know
What You Need to Do
What Not to Do

A victim of a dog attack has specific rights under Ohio laws to take action. This book is a useful guide to understanding those rights, how to take action and where to turn for help.

When a dog bite claim is filed, you will deal with insurance companies and their team of professionals. They are trained and experienced at denying your claim or paying you an amount for your dog attack related injuries that is less than fair value.

Here’s a sample of what this book has to offer:

Chapter 1: Dog Bite Facts
Chapter 2: Ohio Dog Bite Laws
Chapter 3: What To Do and Mistakes to Avoid
Chapter 4: Types of Injuries and Damages with a Dog Bite
Chapter 5: Children and Dog Bites
Chapter 6: Dogs Labeled as Dangerous and Vicious

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