Lima Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

Lima and Allen County Dog Laws and Ordinances

Lima, Ohio and Allen County dog laws and ordinancesThe City of Lima, Ohio and Allen County  have specific dog ordinances in place to protect residents and visitors of the city and county.

These ordinances are in addition to Ohio laws which govern dogs and the responsibilities of dog owners, keepers and harborers.

There are local agencies that should be contacted when a dog attack has taken place anywhere in Lima, Delphos, Shawnee, Bluffton, Spencerville, Elida, Beaverdam or any other city, town or village located within Allen County.

A directory of these local agencies with links to their websites and telephone numbers is provided below.

Dog Bites in Lima and Allen County, Ohio

If you have been attacked and bitten by a dog anywhere in Allen County, Ohio seek medical treatment immediately.

Once you or your loved one has received the necessary medical attention, it’s important to contact both the Allen County Public Health Department and the Allen County Dog Control Department.

When a dog bites someone in Allen County, the dog must be placed into quarantine for a minimum period of ten (10) days so that it is isolated from any contact with people or other animals. The dog cannot be released from quarantine unless and until evidence is provided that the dog does not have rabies and has been properly vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian.

For a complete checklist of what to do after a dog bite, please visit this link:

Overview of Lima Vicious Dog Ordinance

City of Lima,  Ohio Dog OrdinancesThe City of Lima, Ohio has adopted a vicious dog ordinance and determined that vicious dogs are a threat to public safety and detrimental to the health and welfare of Lima citizens and visitors to the City.

The above-referenced ordinance defines a vicious dog as any dog with a propensity, tendency or disposition to attack, bite cause injury to, or otherwise endanger any person or domestic animal.

Furthermore, any dog that has attacked, bitten or caused injury to someone or another domestic animal is also defined as a vicious dog.

Finally, any dog which belongs to the breed commonly known as pit bull is also automatically defined as a vicious dog.

A vicious dog must be confined and controlled at all times whether it is on the property of its owner, harborer or keeper or off the property. In addition, the owner, keeper or harborer of a vicious dog must maintain liability insurance providing coverage for the acts of a vicious dog of not less than $100,000 per occurrence.

To review additional details and provisions of the vicious dog ordinance please visit the following link: City of Lima, Ohio Vicious Dog Ordinance

Dog Bite Questions

If you have questions about a dog attack that occurred within the City of Lima or anywhere in Allen County, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the attack at no cost and without any obligation. We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with the guidance that’s needed after a dog bite incident.

We’re available 24/7/365 by calling 1-888-998-9101, chatting with one of our live chat representatives or sending us a website message.

Allen County Dog License

A dog license must be obtained from the Allen County Auditor’s Office when a dog reaches 3 months old. The license must be renewed each year of the dog’s life.

You can register a new dog and renew an existing dog license online via the Auditor’s website.

For more information about dog licenses in Allen County including current fees and costs, please visit this link: Allen County Dog Licensing

Allen County, Ohio Dog Resource Directory

Allen County Ohio Dog Laws

Allen County Public Health: (419) 228-4457
Allen County Dog Control: (419) 228-3700
City of Lima: (419) 227-4444
City of Delphos: (419) 692-4015
Village of Beaverdam: (419) 643-4231
Village of Bluffton: (419) 358-2961
Village of Cairo: (419) 227-3535
Village of Elida: (419) 339-2811
Village of Harrod: (419) 648-9982
Village of Spencerville: (419) 647-4141

Help After a Dog Attack

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, we are here to help. Please contact us for a free consultation with one of our experienced Ohio dog bite attorneys. You’ll get all your questions answered and learn what you need to know and what you need to do after a dog bite to protect yourself, your family and your future.

All initial consultations with an attorney at our law firm are completely free and you will be under no obligation to hire us. A free consultation is a great way to obtain professional legal guidance so you can decide if you need to hire a lawyer to protect your interests and recover compensation for your injuries and damages after a dog attack.

Please call us at 1-888-998-9101, chat with one of our 24-hour live chat representatives or send us a website message.

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