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A Law Firm Focused on Dog Attacks

Slater & Zurz LLP is an Ohio law firm that has been helping victims of dog bites and dog attacks for over 40 years. We have helped over 600 dog bite victims all across the state of Ohio.

When you contact us, you’ll discover a team of legal professionals who know what to do, are eager to help you with your dog bite case, and are dedicated to serving your needs.

We Are Ready to Assist You Immediately

We make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Call us at 1-888-534-4850, email us at slaterzurz.com, start a chat session with live chat representatives or send us a website message.  We are ready to assist you immediately.

Ohio dog bite law firm


Tap Into Our Law Firm’s Dog Bite Resources

We offer a variety of resources here on our website to help you understand Ohio dog bite laws and what you should do after a dog bite to protect yourself, your family and your interests.  We invite you to take advantage of this useful information including:

Get Guidance You Need with a Free Consultation

The best resource we can offer you after a dog bite incident is the opportunity to discuss your case with one of our law firm’s experienced dog bite lawyers. This is commonly known as a Free Consultation and will cost you nothing whatsoever. Not only will this consultation be completely free but you are under no obligation to hire our law firm. You will get the guidance you need to make decisions and necessary actions. Your free consultation can take place either over the telephone or in-person. To receive your free consultation, simply call us at 1-888-534-4850, email us at slaterzurz.com, start a chat session with live chat representatives or send us a website message.

Our Track Record of Helping Injured Victims

The focus of our law firm is helping people who have fallen victim to all types of injuries. In fact, we have handled over 30,000 of these personal injury cases that provided our clients with over $150 Million in verdicts and settlements.

We recently helped two clients who were victims of dog attacks receive settlements of $250,000 and $230,000.

No Legal Fees Until We Get you Results

We handle dog bite cases with our clients on what is known as a Contingency Fee Agreement. This means there are no up-front costs to you and you will not be required to pay us a monthly retainer. Furthermore, you will owe us nothing for our law firm’s legal services until we get you results. To learn more about our contingency fee agreement, please contact us at anytime including weekends and holidays.

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