Ohio law protecting yourself from a dog attackUnder certain circumstances, a dog may be lawfully killed in Ohio in order to protect a person or animal.  Under Ohio law, a dog may be killed if it does any of the following:

(1) Chases a person.

(2) Approaches a person in a menacing fashion.

(3) Bites or attempts to bite a person.

(4) Injures or kills a person.

A dog may also be killed if it chases, threatens, harasses, injures, or kills livestock, poultry, or other animal that is the property of a person.  This rule, however, does not apply if the dog does any of the above to a cat or another dog.  In such circumstances, the dog may not be lawfully killed.

Ohio law further provides that if a person attempts to kill a dog under lawful circumstances and only wounds the dog, the person will not be liable to prosecution.

Notwithstanding the above rules, law enforcement officers may kill any dog that attacks a police dog.

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