Ohio Redefines Vicious Dog

Pit BullsOn Tuesday, May 22, 2012, House Bill 14 took effect in Ohio.  Under this new law, pit bulls as a breed will be removed from the definition of a vicious dog in Ohio.  The new law defines a “vicious dog” as a dog that kills or seriously injures someone without regard to breed.

Previously, pit bulls were classified as vicious because the breed represents a disproportionate number of dog bites in Ohio.  Over 75% of the dogs that killed or seriously injured a person in Ohio were pit bulls.

Pit bull owners will no longer have to comply with the restrictions imposed on owners of vicious dogs unless their pit bull kills or seriously injures a person.  Pit bull owners will no longer have to securely confine pit bulls on their property.  Owners will no longer have to keep pit bulls on chain-linked leashes or muzzle the pit bull when the dog is off the owner’s property.

Finally, pit bull owners will no longer have to carry special liability insurance that ensures victims of an attack would be adequately compensated.

Although pit bulls will no longer be classified as a vicious dog based on their breed, the new law does not affect community laws that ban pit bulls.  Several Ohio communities still have bans on pit bulls to include Lakewood, Parma, Garfield Heights, and Warrensville Heights just to name a few.

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