dog bite electric fenceMany times dog bites occur because dog owners do not properly contain and/or restrain their dogs.  One innovative way of keeping a dog in its own yard, and thereby preventing a possible dog bite, is to install an electric fence system.  An electric dog fence system will contain the dog in its yard without fencing the dog’s owner in.

An electric dog fence consists of three parts:

  1. A wire buried around the perimeter of the yard
  2. A transmitter box (which controls how close the dog can get to the buried wire)
  3. A collar for each dog to be contained.

Once installed, the dog will be contained by static correction.  This means the dog will receive a mild electric shock if he gets to the end of his boundary.  Most systems also include an audible warning tone designed to alert the dog that he is getting close to his boundary.  The static correction does not hurt the dog in any way.  The correction is designed to alert the dog only.

There are many different types of electric fences to choose from.  Some are made for small or toy breed dogs, while others are made for larger or stubborn dogs.  The cost for an electric dog fence varies depending on the type of fence chosen and whether or not it is installed professionally.  If the fence is professionally installed the cost may be double that of a do it yourself project.

Once an electric dog system is installed it takes an average of two weeks for a dog to become familiar with his boundaries.  Once this initial training period is over, the chances of the dog leaving its property and biting someone is greatly reduced.  So, for dog owners who either can’t or won’t install a traditional fence, an electric dog fence is an effective and responsible alternative.

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