quarantine dogs in OhioIn Ohio, whenever a dog bites someone, a report must be made within twenty-four hours to the health commissioner of the district in which the bite occurred.  The report should be made by any doctor or veterinarian with knowledge of the bite, or by the person bitten.  Once a report is made, the health commissioner will issue an order that the dog be quarantined.

Quarantine Information

Quarantine means that the dog must be penned, chained, or restricted so that the dog is prevented from coming into contact with persons or other animals that have not yet been exposed to the dog.  The quarantine may occur at the dog owner’s home or at a pound or kennel.  Quarantines must last at least ten days from the date the person was bitten.  A health commissioner may extend the length of the quarantine if necessary.  Usually, at the end of the quarantine period, the health department observes the dog.  If the dog is free from symptoms of rabies and proof of a current rabies vaccination can be provided, then the quarantine is lifted.  Proof of a current rabies immunization is mandatory before the dog can be released from quarantine.

Who Pays for the Quarantine?

The cost of the quarantine, immunization, and observation must be paid by the dog’s owner.  If the dog is a stray, then it will be quarantined at the animal shelter.  Anyone desiring to adopt a stray dog that has bitten someone must wait until the end of the ten-day quarantine period.  Proof of rabies vaccination must be provided to the Health Department within three days after the dog is released from the shelter.

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