Recovering Dog Bite Damages from a RenterLiability for Ohio dog bite injuries falls to the owner in almost all circumstances. If the attacking dog is under the care of a so-called harborer, that person may be liable as well. To recover damages in an injury claim, Ohio dog bite lawyers usually go after a homeowner’s liability insurance or, in some instances, his assets. But what if the dog’s owner is a renter?

Most people don’t have the financial resources to pay for serious injuries incurred in a dog bite attack. This may be especially true for renters. If the dog owner has rental insurance, compensation may be sought through that policy. Otherwise recovery may be difficult.

One may consider suing the landlord, but this is normally not going to help. Under lease agreements in Ohio, tenants are liable for what occurs on the property they are renting. This is because they are considered to have control and possession. The landlord, in essence, hands control over to the tenant during the term of the lease. A dog bite attack, then, cannot be charged to the landlord.

One exception to the landlord rule is when the dog bite attack occurs in a common area, such as a common yard. If the landlord is aware that the dog is there, he may be deemed a harborer. Moreover, if the dog has been determined to be vicious, and the landlord allows the tenant to continue keeping it regardless, there may be grounds for suing the landlord.

Your only other option may be to go after the renter’s assets. If you are injured by an attacking dog anywhere in Ohio, contact the Ohio dog bite lawyers Slater & Zurz for a free evaluation of you claim by calling 1-800-297-9191 or send a Blog Message to schedule a time to talk.

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