Rules For Ohio Dog BreedersLawmakers in Ohio are considering a bill that will place stricter regulations on Ohio dog breeders. The new law would create a Commercial Dog Kennel Control Authority under the state Department of Agriculture.  The new agency would enforce standards of dog care for major breeders, kennels, and retailers.  Areas of regulation would include cage size, grooming, and veterinary care.

The bill has already passed the Ohio Senate.  Should the new law go into effect, violators could be fined or receive an injunction from the state attorney general.  The purpose of the proposed new law is to ensure that dogs are treated humanely and to keep bad breeders out of Ohio.  Responsible breeders that act in the best interest of the dogs in their care will not be affected.

The passage of this proposed new law should help to reduce dog abuse and neglect.  Since dogs that have been abused or neglected are more likely to attack a person, the new law should also help to reduce the number of dog bites in Ohio each year.  Thus, the passage of this law will not only protect kennel dogs, but it will also protect Ohio citizens exposed to kennel dogs.

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