Toledo Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

Toledo and Lucas County Dog Laws and Ordinances

Toledo and Lucas County Ohio Dog Laws The City of Toledo, Ohio and Lucas County have laws and ordinances in place that govern dogs and dog ownership to protect residents of the city and the county. These laws and ordinances are in addition to Ohio laws related to dogs and their owners.

When a dog bites someone in Toledo, Maumee, Oregon, Sylvania, Waterville or any other city, town or village located within Lucas County, local agencies must be contacted. A directory of these Lucas County agencies is provided at the bottom of this page. Ohio law requires you to contact these agencies within 24 hours from when the dog bite incident took place.

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Lucas County Requirements When Dogs Bite

When a dog bites someone in Lucas County, Ohio an Animal Bite Report must be filed with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department within twenty-four hours. The biting dog must also be kept in quarantine on the dog owner’s property for a period of 10 days following the bite. The dog must be quarantined even though the dog may have been vaccinated for rabies. During the quarantine period the dog must be confined to an enclosed area, muzzled, or restrained on a leash so that it is prevented from contact with people and other animals.

If the dog cannot be quarantined on the dog owner’s property, it may be quarantined at a veterinarian’s office or at an approved dog kennel or dog pound.  The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department must be notified if the dog is quarantined outside the dog owner’s home. The expenses and costs associated with the quarantine period are the responsibility of the dog’s owner.

The dog cannot be removed from the owner’s premises during the quarantine period. The only exception is if the dog is taken by the Lucas County Dog Warden or being seen by a licensed veterinarian.

If a biting dog is surrendered to the Lucas County Dog Warden for quarantine, the dog will not be released back to the owner even if the dog is found not to be afflicted with rabies. The dog will be properly euthanized when the quarantine period has ended.

Lucas County Dog License

Licensing a dog is required by law in Lucas County, Ohio. The license identifies the owner so that the dog can be returned home if lost. When a dog wearing a license is turned into the Lucas County Canine Care & Control office, the dog’s owner will be notified. Without a license, the dog may be sold or destroyed after three days.

All dogs that are 3 months old and older must be licensed in Lucas County. The dog license must be renewed each year of the dog’s life.

For a list of places where a dog license can be purchased within Lucas County please download this document: Lucas County Dog Tag Registration Agents

Rabies Prevention in Lucas County

Toledo Lucas County Health DepartmentRabies is a virus that can cause serious illness in both animals and humans. The virus is typically transmitted through a bite by an infected animal.

The best way to prevent rabies is to make sure pets get vaccinated for rabies and stay vaccinated. In addition, pets need to be controlled and monitored to make sure they do not come into contact with animals that could be infected with the rabies virus.

For more information on rabies prevention in Lucas County, Ohio please download this rabies brochure:  Rabies, A Guide for Lucas County Residents

Dog Bites in Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio

If you have been attacked and bitten by a dog anywhere in Lucas County, seek medical treatment immediately.

As soon as possible and once you or your loved one has received the initial necessary medical attention, it’s important to contact the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department at (419) 213-4100 extension 3. If the biting dog is a stray or you do not know who the dog’s owner is, you should also contact the Lucas County Dog Warden at (419) 213-2800.

For a complete checklist of what to do after a dog bite, please visit this link:

Directory of Lucas County, Ohio Dog Resources

Toledo-Lucas County Health Department: (419) 213-4078
Lucas County Dog Warden: (419) 213-2800
City of Toledo: (419) 245-3340
City of Maumee: (419) 897-7040
City of Oregon: (419) 698-7064
City of Sylvania: (419) 885-8902
City of Waterville: (419) 878-8100
Village of Berkey: (419) 829-3810
Village of Holland: (419) 865-7104
Village of Ottawa Hills: (419) 536-1111
Village of Swanton: (419) 826-4696
Village of Whitehouse: (419) 877-9191

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