What You Should Do If Bitten or Attacked By a Dog

Girl Bitten by DogIf you have become the victim of a dog attack, here are some steps to take in order to protect yourself both now and in the future:

1. Seek immediate medical treatment. Your health and welfare are more important than anything. Don’t worry about trying to sue the dog’s owner or keeper at this point, but do try to take photographs of the injuries before the treatment starts.

2. Record the names of the dog’s owner, harborer or keeper, and all witnesses, along with their contact information.

3. File a report about the incident immediately with your local animal control authority or police department. A medical report from the emergency room will most likely not be a sufficient record of the incident.

4. If the injury is serious (it requires stitches, surgery or a hospital stay), it’s an appropriate time to get in touch with an experienced and knowledgeable dog bite attorney. The statute of limitations for a dog bite injury in the State of Ohio is six years. In the case of a minor, the six years begins on the child’s eighteenth birthday.

When you or someone you know has fallen victim to a dog bite or dog attack anywhere in Ohio, please contact us at 1-888-998-9101 for a FREE consultation or send us a Website Message about your case. We can help!

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What You Should Do If Bitten or Attacked By a Dog
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What You Should Do If Bitten or Attacked By a Dog
If you are bitten by a dog: 1. Seek immediate medical treatment 2. Record the name of the dog’s owner, harborer, or keeper. 3. File a report...
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